How to Make Your Own Custom Labels

Making your own custom labels is easy using our Design Online tool!  Using our website, you can choose what shape you would like your label, what size, and what design.  We have a fantastic selection of custom label designs to choose from, or you can create personalized labels completely from scratch using your imagination.

The first step is to browse through our designs.  You can browse our custom label designs by category starting at this page.  We have personalized label designs that are perfect for everything from baby shower stickers to wedding invitation seals.  If none of the personalized label designs are quite what you have in mind, you can design your own completely from scratch.

Once you've selected a design (or decided to create your own) the next step is to choose the size and shape of your label.  We offer the following options:

                                                     Rectangle labels           Square labels

                                                             2" x 3"                           3" x 3"

                                                             3" x 4"                           4" x 4"

                                                             4" x 6"                           5" x 5"

Once you've selected your options, you can move on to changing the design, colors, and text on your label so it looks exactly the way you want it.  You can use these labels for anything.  They're synthetic (so they're 100% water proof) and completely self-adhesive (so they're easy to apply).

Some of our favorite ways to use custom labels are for graduation announcement seals, kids name labels, personalized wedding stickers, baby shower favor bags (use our custom labels to seal the bags!), and DIY holiday gifts.  With our wide range of label sizes, fast turnaround time, and low prices, there's really no limit to how many ways you can use customized labels!